Monitoring human rights conditionsin immigration detention

boniĝi’s vision is of a world in which immigration detention
is not a default migration management response

boniĝi’s goal is to offer independent, clear, credible, comparable data that makes more visible the impact of immigration detention

Using technology to strengthen transparency and accountability

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This is what we do

Better data | Better reports | Better advocacy | Better policy | Better practice

boniĝi uses a 360-degree feedback model to enhance transparency and accountability in the monitoring of conditions of immigration detention. This tool enables collection of clear, triangulated, comparable data. The evidence base will help to leverage change by supercharging good policy, practice and advocacy.


Better Data

boniĝi enables the collection of credible, accurate, evidence more often through a 360-degree feedback model

Better Reports

boniĝi enables the data we collect to be shown in clear, timely, accessible, and engagingly curated reports

Better Advocacy

boniĝi’s datasets enable better advocacy by generating timely alerts, patterns and trends, and meaningful comparative analysis

Better Policy

boniĝi shapes and influences better evidence-based policy centred on the rights to liberty and dignity of all regardless of status

Better Practice

boniĝi uses technology to strengthen transparency, accountability and publicity in order to change institutional cultures and practice